Can anyone take part in the surveys?

Any interested party can sign up at sentix free of charge. From the following weekend onward, you will receive an email-invitation to take part in the weekly survey. You will also be pointed to the results of the survey via our newsletter.

How can I get to the results?

Access to the weekly commentaries (sentix Weekly) and the download of charts does require active participation in the surveys (sentix Community) or a subscription of sentix Comfort. The user can log in with his or her personal password and utilize our services. Access is granted immediately after the first participation in the survey, but it is worth your while to build up a reserve through continued participation.

When do the surveys take place?

The survey for private investors begins Thursday evening, for institutional investors on Friday. It is open until Saturday, 8 pm (CET). You can find more on the technicalities of the survey here.

Emails are not getting through. What can I do? How else can I participate?

Please check the following:

  1. Has your email address changed? If so, please change your email address settings in My sentix Portal.
  2. Please check you SPAM Filter (Outlook and provider) and put sentix on your white list. In your company, ask your system administrator to put sentix on the white list.
  3. Use the possibility of taking part in the survey from anywhere in the world by logging on to your My sentix Portal without any invitation mail and clicking on the link to the survey (box on the right sidebar; visible if survey is active).

I do not wish to participate, but would still like to access the results.

This possibility is also open to you. Further information to sentix Comfort can be found here.

Why is surveillance of market sentiment so important?

Emotions are fundamentally linked to human decision making processes. Especially on the stock markets, emotions can strongly influence investment decisions – both positively, and negatively. Therefore it is important to know about the general sentiment on the markets and to take these into consideration when making investment decisions.

How can I distinguish the quality here to other sentiment sources?

Sentix is unique in its data quality, data variety and is one of the largest regularly conducted capital market surveys in the world! This is one of the reasons why a variety of globally acting asset managers use sentix data to improve their investment results.

Is sentix really one of the world's largest capital surveys?

Well, at least we don't know of any other that receives capital market assessments from so many investors on a weekly basis, and on so many different markets and topics. sentix is unique, in a class of its own!

What benefit do I have from participating and integrating these results in my investment decisions?

If experienced stock market champions have recognized that 90% of the stock market is psychology, the surveillance and analysis of these factors should have a comparative regard in investment decisions. Polarisations in investor behaviour show risks which often turn up in late-cycle market phases. The sentix data show sentiment developments, investment behaviour and development of investment topics objectively and in real time.

What makes behavioral finance sustainably valuable?

The core of the analysis is the human factor, his decision making behaviour and his perception processes. Even if surrounding conditions on the capital market are subject to continuous change, people, as the decision makers in this system remain a – the only! – constant. This is the reason why the same behaviours can be found again and again on the stock markets, even though investment topics, political and legal systems and technologies are constantly changing.

From what time onward are the survey results available?

The results of the survey are calculated, treated and commented on the same weekend. Generally, the results are already available to the survey participants on Sunday night. In this way, the information and insights used before the opening of the stock market the following week.

How can I download the data as a professional user?

The use of this data requires a license (available for a fee). We distinguish between commercial and non-commercial usage. Interested users can check the terms of use directly at sentix.

What obligations do I sign up to when I register?

By registering, you as a participant accepts our Terms of Use. There is no obligation to take part in the surveys or to use our services. Our principles are based on voluntary participation. Continued participation is rewarded with information.

What advantage do I have by recording my own expectations on a timeline?

Capital market success comes from experience and experience is based on learning. To accompany this process, sentix offers you to record your own market expectations. This allows you to look back objectively into the past and critically analyse your decision-making behaviour in different situations.

What about data protection?

Data protection is of the highest priority to sentix. Participants' data is saved and analysed anonymously, unless the user himself wishes to do this to keep tabs on their own voting history. For this, we need a separate agreement of the participant. Please read our privacy policy.

What do I need to do to use sentix commercially?

Please contact the sentix team for this. Commercial use requires prior licensing or permission by sentix.

How far into the past does the data history reach?

The survey has been running on a weekly basis since February 2001. Many data lines concerning the most varied markets begin at this point. Further indices have complemented the offer, these, therefore, have a later starting date.

What literature can I read to delve more deeply into the topic of Behavioral Finance / stock market psychology?

A range of interesting books can be found here.

Who is behind sentix?

The sentix GmbH is a consulting firm which is 100% in private ownership of Manfred Hübner and Patrick Hussy. There are no inter-linkages or participation in banks or other financial service providers - neutrality and independence are absolutely guaranteed.

What does the slogan "first mover advantage" mean?

Due to the speed of data surveying and the quality and quantity of the survey panel, the sentix economic indices have gained a reputation as the fastest leading indicator. Early information leads to a knowledge head start and therefore improves investment results.

Are there further sentix services I can use?

The sentix Behavioral Finance experts comprehensively advise institutional customers on all issues surrounding the topic of Behavioral Finance. The integration of Behavioral Finance topics and sentiment analysis into your investment process, the use of sentix data for asset allocation and the integration of expertise with the help of professional research or individual portfolio building blocks give the investor a broad spectrum. For many years, our fund management has an excellent reputation, not only based on the recognition of risks on the financial market.

Are the sentix results put into practice by professionals?

sentix is used in a variety of ways by professionals. There is hardly another set of indicators that is used so intensively by the world of finance in the area of sentiment and behavioral finance. Notable References across the globe in the areas of banking, insurance, asset management, asset management, and research use the sentix indicators.

How accurate are the individual indicators?

A single indicator cannot describe the world. Human behaviour is much more complex. However, a glance at the more then 20-year history of sentix shows:

  • the indicators mirror the respective market sentiment objectively
  • important risk potentials, but also contrarian opportunities, were identified in all markets and regions surveyed by sentix
  • the results are consistently applicable in a variety of asset classes
  • the sentix weekly commentaries have an excellent reputation amongst sentix participants and, therefore, most new participants join us via word-of-mouth propaganda

What does 'sentix' mean?

sentix is a combination of the words SENTiment and IndeX.

What is the regional scope of registered participants?

  • 75% of sentix participants come from German-speaking countries (D / AUT / CH)
  • 20% are from the UK, Scandinavia, France and the rest of Europe
  • 5% of participants are from countries outside Europe

How many investors are registered for the survey?

More than 5,500 investors from more than 20 countries are currently participating in the survey.

What is the scope of institutional participants?

Amongst the more than 1.100 institutional investors there are more than 500 fund managers and asset managers, more than 200 analysts, strategists and economists as well as 270 traders.

Am I an institutional or a private investor?

A participant is an institutional investor if he makes investment decisions for foreign assets, if he works for an institutional investor or creates analyses for institutional clients. The registration of institutional participants is verified by sentix to secure data quality.

What does sentix Comfort mean?

sentix Comfort is meant for those who do not wish to or cannot take part in the surveys and who nevertheless wish to access sentix charts and information. For further information, please click here.

How is the 'reserve' of my participation account calculated?

The sentix reserve allows you access to charts and weekly commentaries, even if you were not able to take part in the survey. Read here, how your reserve can develop.

How can I keep myself informed as a representative of the press?

We have a specialized service for this. Please register for the sentix press list. After successful verification, you will receive all important information and press releases.

What do I receive as a reward for my participation in the survey (sentix Community)?

Survey participants receive a number of information building blocks for their active participation. An overview can be found here.

Do I have to take any cancellation periods into consideration?

No, every participant comes to sentix of their own free will and can leave the sentix Community at any time without a cancellation period. Please inform us if you are missing something in sentix, so that we can deliver you the best service possible.

More information

For more information please also visit our tipps and tricks section in My sentix.

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