Happy New Year! Euroland caught up strongly

The composite index for Euroland shows a strong improvement in January and rises for the fifth time in a row. The rise in economic expectations is especially pronounced, rising to the highest value since February 2011. Both the assessments of the current situation and expectations of other countries and regions all point upward. The US values end comparatively weak. All in all, the beginning of the year is very strong. Thus, we celebrate both the start of the new year and the 10th birthday of the sentix economic index! 

Full report January 2013

Headlines of the month

  • The composite index for Euroland rises in January from -16.8 points to -7.0 points. This is its fifth rise in a row. The assessment of the 906 surveyed participants of the current situation as well as expectations for the next six months are once again better than before.
  • The improvement is especially strong in expectations. These rise by 13.5 points to 12.0 points. This is the highest value since February 2011 and the sixth increase in a row.
  • For the other countries and regions, the headline indices rise both for the current situation and for expectations. Interestingly, the US indicators end relatively weak. All in all, the beginning of the year is very strong. Consequently, there are this time two things to celebrate: "Happy New Year & Happy Birthday!" – the sentix-economic indices are now 10 years old!
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