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Background information on the sentix economic indicators

More upside potential ahead!

The sentix economic indices surprise in January: All indices turn positive and imply more growth potential ahead. Especially the Eurozone and Eastern Europe benefit at the beginning of 2017. The headline index for the Eurozone increases by 8.2 points and reaches the highest value since August 2015. Economic expectations and current situation values improve dynamically. At the same time, we expect more economic upside potential for Eastern Europe and Austria due to its strong ties with the east of Europe. The US economy can maintain its strong growth momentum in January. The headline index marks the second all-time high in a row. Therefore, the Global Aggregate Index jumps to a 9-year high. Therefore, we expect more economic upside potential for 2017.


US-Mania - Setback for the Eurozone

The sentix Economic Indices show as one of the first published leading indicators after the US election a remarkable shift in economic expectations. Investors entirely revise their expectations for the US economy and turn euphoric. Expectations jump by 20.5 points. Another beneficiary of the surprising US election result is Japan. The surge in the US Dollar causes the Japanese Yen to decline which should boost the export-driven economy. While the US, Japan and the sentix Global Aggregate Index benefit, only Europe trails behind. The headline index for the Eurozone slides 3.1 points. The Global Aggregate Index shows a plus of 3.1 points.


Recovery gains momentum

In November, the positive trend in the economic indices continues. The overall index for Euroland is even rising to a new year's high, driven by further rising expectations. But also, the plus of six points in the position assess-ment sets an exclamation mark. Important is the fact that the economic assessment for the US does not indicate any weakness for the time after the handover. Together with Japan and the emerging markets, the sentix Global Aggregate continues to grow, which points to a solid global economic upturn.


The turning of the tide

The October 2016 survey marks an important shift in the sentix indices data. In general, the moderate recovery path of the global economy continues. The economic momentum for the German, Chinese and the Latin American economy certainly marks a bright spot on the global landscape. Although the economic momentum is less dynamic for the euro area, investors remain confident. Besides short-term changes, the sentix Investment Theme Indices reveal significant developments in investors’ long-term perceptions on the global economy.


The global trend points upwards

Economic expectations for the eurozone continue to improve. The September data of the “first mover” for the euro zone reveals that both the current situation (+4.5) as well as expectations (+6.75) have slightly improved. Consequently, the overall index rises from 4.4 points to 5.6 points. The catch-up process of the emerging market economies overcompensates the heterogeneous developments of the industrialised world regions. Therefore, the global trend points upwards.


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