The new sentix website


It is done! Our new website is live. Read here what new features you can find!

You will recognize that not all functions and contents have been completely finished, yet. The range of sentix products and services is too comprehensive for this. We will put new contents online bit by bit and inform you here, in My sentix Portal, of all new changes. It could also be that the website reacts differently than expected or that you find an empty link here or there. Please do point this out to us so that we can correct any glitches as fast as possible.

Look and Feel

The new website gleams in it's new splendour and takes web 2.0 developments on board to make things even easier and faster to present you with sentix information. The navigation should be easier for you - at the same time, we want to give you the possibility to access all analyses and applications. To allow this, we have developed a multi-layered menu-system:

  • Upon reaching the main page of sentix, the area in which you can inform yourself about sentix is rather conspicuous. The menu on the main page is made for new participants as a quick overview of sentix and as the registration portal.
  • Underneath this you will find four boxes which make direct access easier for experienced sentix readers:
    1. newest posts -> here, you will find direct links to the newest posts on
    2. favourite posts -> here you will find direct links to the posts that are most accessed – in general these will be the basic articles
    3. more sentix -> here, you will find direct links to sentix' main information areas
    4. the login-field -> this only appears if you are not logged in to sentix at present
  • Underneath the direct links you will find teaser texts for our current posts (blogs, news)
  • sentix is now divided into a number of main information areas:
    1. My sentix -> here you will find applications for registered sentix participants, especially charts, the weeklies and other downloads
    2. sentix database -> here you will find information concerning the sentix database as well as the comprehensve indicator compendium
    3. sentix economic index -> here you will find all information on the 'first mover' amongst economic indicators, reports, documentation and data sheets
    4. sentix KnowHow -> here you will find background information on sentix, Behavioral Finance and sentiment analysis

Quick navigation

  • A click on the sentix logo in the top left corner of the screen always gets you back to the main page
  • As long as you are logged in you have a direct link to my sentix via the main menu or on the right
  • The last menu point on each menu list points you to a overview page of the respective functional area. The sub-menus sometimes found here are meant to help you switch back and forth between the main areas more easily.

sentix Community and sentix Comfort

For sentix, your active participation is of paramount importance. This active participation is rewarded with charts, analyses and know how. So that you can also have access to sentix information during your holidays, we introduced a voting balance concept a few years ago. This concept was, however, not as transparent as some may have hoped, and the calculation was not always easy to understand. Here, we have made sentix a lot easier for you.

In future, when you log on to sentix you will have the choice between two logon-variations:

  • sentix Community -> if you want to regularly take part in surveys
  • sentix Comfort -> if you want to have access to sentix information, but do not wish to or cannot take part in the surveys

sentix Community

All current sentix participants are registered in this group. You can, If you wish, switch to the comfort option. The participation in the sentix Community is free of charge. There is no change in the normal activity of the survey. As usual, you will receive invitation mails and news on new analyses. These, as well as charts and data, will always be available to you if you took part in the sentix survey in the current week.

Also, you receive a reserve for the next week for each participation. In this way, you can build up a reserve of up to 3 weeks, which you can use as you wish. Your reserve weeks cannot be lost, but are only used up when you actively choose to use them. In My sentix there is a graph which always shows how full your reserve is.

Should you no longer have a reserve and still need access to the information we can activate analyses, charts and tools (with costs).

sentix Comfort

For those of you who cannot or do not wish to take part in the surveys there is the possibility of booking all sentix information for active participants. This service is called sentix Comfort. You can test the access at any time for a month at special rates and then book it for 6 or 12 months.

Further information on sentix Community and sentix Comfort can be found here

Where can you find existing knowledge?

The first step is always the login to My sentix.

Analyses and Commentaries

  • All commentaries and reports can be found in the menu "analyses"


  • If you wish to chart the sentix indicators, you can find a new, vastly expanded generator in My sentix under "charts"
  • All sentix economic index charts and interactive graphs can be found by changing to the main menu "sentix economic index" and moving to "charts and tables" there.


  • The data of sentix ecnomic indices, sentix Asset Allocation indices as well as a number of market sentiment data (these, though, only temporally delayed), are available for download and for non-commercial use for all sentix users
  • You can find this download application in My sentix under the menu point "database"
  • If you require more data you have the possibility to a take out a subscription (with costs) for commercial and non-commercial use. Please find more information on this in the main menu "sentix database"

Blog "Woolly Thoughts"

Welcome back! The popular sentix blog has been reunited with the website. The time is over when you had to inform yourself via different places. You can either use the direct link on the main site or go to "analyses" in My sentix and then on the blog.

The blog has three access stages. There are posts that can be read by anyone on the net – no matter whether you are registered on sentix – (public blog). Most of the posts require a sentix registration (blog Community). A few posts are linked to the sentix Weekly and active participation or Comfort status. These are the posts that complement the weekly commentaries and, in general, have supplementary information on the current situation on the market. Should you not be able to access a post you will receive a note and an offer for an upgrade.

What's new?

Your personal data in one place

In My sentix you can find links to your personal information in the right sidebar. At a glance, you can see which information you have posted here at sentix and can change it in one central place should your personal situation change.

  • In the top half of your profile page you can find information on your status (Community or Comfort) and since when you are participating in sentix. Here, you are also able to link you profile to your facebook account.
  • Below this you can find further information which is divided into different sub-groups
  • Profile -> here, you can find data concerning your person and your sentix participation
  • Mailing Lists -> here you can organize via which lists you would like to be kept up-to-date by us
  • Options -> here you can find which services you have booked

Facebook Integration

As an alternative to your sentix login you can also use your facebook account – should you have one – to log on to sentix. Whenever you wish, you can update your personal information to connect your sentix Login to your facebook account, or to sever this connection.

The Facebook login saves time and is more convenient, also you are able to access all the facebook typical options like forwarding, like-buttons and commentaries automatically.

sentix speaks English

The sentix website is almost fully bilingual. In the top left corner of the website you can find two flag symbols with which you can toggle between the two languages. You also have the possibility to set your preferred language in your personal information.

sentix ASR Essentials

Aside from the well-known sentix weekly commentaries you now have a direct connection to the English version which is set up by our cooperation partner, the renowned analysis address Absolute Strategy Research of London. Their interpretation of data is not always completely congruent with the sentix interpretation, so that you are given a second, independent opinion.

sentix annual road-map

Should you have purchased the sentix annual road-map 2010 you can access this download. Aside from the analysis, you have access to the complete archive and can access and download all historic issues until the end of the year. The same applies to upcoming issues and for all new purchases.

sentix Compendium

We have begun with the creation of a comprehensive documentation that includes the background and applications of the sentix indicators. This is currently in development and will also be expanded, as our literature database and the know-how area. We will inform you at a later date about all news and functions.


That's enough new information for the moment! We will continue to expand the website and complement its contents. On the main page of My sentix, we will inform you of all new features. Keep at it, delve into our new site and let us know what you like and what we can improve!

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