Current situation gains momentum

The economic catch-up process continues and above all the situation is now assessed much better than four weeks ago. No wonder, since more and more restrictions are being lifted in Europe after the Corona case num-bers declined significantly. In Euroland, the situation index rises by 15 points to 21.3. This is the highest value since November 2018. The same can be observed for all other world regions. We also measure further increases in the sentix indices in Latin America and Eastern Europe, where economic activity has been subdued so far.

Full report June 2021

Headlines of the month

  • The Eurozone economy remains on track to leave the painful consequences of the Corona year behind. The increasing openings of trade, restaurants and tourism are reviving the situation scores. For the Eurozone, the index rises to 21.3 points. This is the highest value since 11.2018.
  • In Germany, the situation assessment improves for the 13th consecutive month to 29.5 points. The overall index rises to 32.9 points.
  • The significant improvement in the situation assessment is also evident globally. Even the Latin America region is close to crossing the zero line in the overall index. The situation values here also rise by 8 points to -18.8 points. Expectations remain at a high level in all regions, although the high seems to have been passed.

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