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Neuer Kompendiumsbeitrag: sentix Sektor Sentiment

There are no translations available.

Wir haben den Kompendiumsbeitrag zum sentix Sektor Sentiment überarbeitet und erweitert. Klicken Sie hier für die aktuelle Version.

Data revisions

With this article we like to inform about necessary backward data revisions in the following sentix series:

  • SNTAZAxx (sentix Investor positioning Euro area equities Z-Scores)
  • SNTAZExx (sentix Investor positioning Euro area bonds Z-Scores)
  • SNTAZUxx (sentix Investor positioning US bonds Z-Scores)
  • SNTZxxxx (sentix Risk aversion indices Z-Scores)
All of these series are calculated Z-Scores. The revision was necessary because we found a bug in our formula. The original survey data, which is also available in the data sets, were not affected from this problem. We ask for your understanding.

sentix introduces Bitcoin indicator!

With its Bitcoins Sentiment sentix has introduced a new indicator within the sentix Asset Class Sentiment family of indices at the end of last year. This index is – on a worldwide level – the first which measures investors' sentiment for this digital currency. Now, in January, Decembers' first impression is confirmed: investors are extremely negative for Bitcoins.


Neuer Kompendiumsbeitrag: sentix Neutrality Index

There are no translations available.

Wir haben den Kompendiumsbeitrag zum sentix Neutrality Index überarbeitet und erweitert. Klicken Sie hier für die aktuelle Version.

New publication times of the sentix Euro Break-up index

The release date for new data of the sentix euro break-up index will be changed to the next Tuesday, 0.00h a.m. MEZ, following the respective survey. This change is implemented from October 27th, 2013.


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