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1 Insurances get into the interest focus Manfred Hübner
2 Real estate stocks in the spotlight Manfred Hübner
3 Oil producers and consumers Manfred Hübner
4 Mood of crisis Manfred Hübner
5 Swiss equities in high spirits Manfred Hübner
6 Webkonferenz Ausblick Q4 2018 Manfred Hübner
7 Don’t drink and drive! Manfred Hübner
8 Brexit currently biggest political risk? Manfred Hübner
9 Is the silver shine coming back? Manfred Hübner
10 The Brexit is increasingly becoming a burden Manfred Hübner
11 End of the holiday period Manfred Hübner
12 Party without atmosphere Patrick Hussy
13 Automobiles and banks - two unloved sectors Manfred Hübner
14 Sentiment comeback of the US dollar Manfred Hübner
15 Oil and oil stocks are running hot Manfred Hübner
16 sentix policy barometer: Geopolitics burdened Manfred Hübner
17 Clearance sale Manfred Hübner
18 sentix policy barometer: Trump disturbs - and benefits Manfred Hübner
19 Institutional investors without clear equity positioning Manfred Hübner
20 A single repetition Manfred Hübner
21 sentix policy barometer: Stress increases Manfred Hübner
22 Risk appetite for equities reaches all-time high Manfred Hübner
23 Historical signals - Financial crisis greets! Manfred Hübner
24 Relaxation à la Trump Manfred Hübner
25 Very good sentiment on the stock market Manfred Hübner
26 Die Stimmung für Neuemissionen steigt – Kehrt das IPO-Fieber zurück? Manfred Hübner
27 Euphoria in industrials stocks is alarming Manfred Hübner
28 After the election comes the discomfort Manfred Hübner
29 Research Update Q4 2017 Manfred Hübner
30 The Euro nice weather period is running out Manfred Hübner
31 Doubts about the value of Bitcoin & Co are increasing Manfred Hübner
32 Equity sentiment on panic levels Manfred Hübner
33 Sentiment for the Swiss francs on extreme level Patrick Hussy
34 The traffic light for automobile sector switches to green Patrick Hussy
35 Investors show emotions Manfred Hübner
36 High appetite for risk in equity markets Manfred Hübner
37 Trump, geopolitics and Brexit Manfred Hübner
38 Bitcoins: Institutionals get doubts Manfred Hübner
39 Trump in the downwind Manfred Hübner
40 Great interest in small stocks Manfred Hübner
41 Gold sentiment at annual high Patrick Hussy
42 Appetite for risk is back Julien Mueller
43 Extreme pessimism emerges on energy stocks Julien Mueller
44 Risk level on the rise for US equities Julien Mueller
45 Risks for German stock market rise as “Overconfidence” kicks in Julien Mueller
46 Stock market risk levels rise Julien Mueller
47 Trump in focus Manfred Hübner
48 Crude burdens commodity asset class Julien Mueller
49 “Trumped” Julien Mueller
50 US-Präsidenten und ihr Einfluss auf die Märkte Manfred Hübner
51 False hope Julien Mueller
52 Ice Age for the Euro Julien Mueller
53 European bank stocks are en vogue again Admin sentix
54 Déjà-vu Julien Mueller
55 sentix Jahresausblick 2017 Manfred Hübner
56 sentix Bond Sentiment for Emerging Markets takes a beating Julien Mueller
57 Party on Wall Street Julien Mueller
58 A second Brexit result? Manfred Hübner
59 Question of adjustment Julien Mueller
60 OPEC boosts investor sentiment Julien Mueller
61 Confidence in German equities at annual high Julien Mueller
62 Little fear despite disappointment Julien Mueller
63 Emerging Markets Sentiment rises to three-year high Julien Mueller
64 Trust in Chinese equities is rising further Manfred Hübner
65 “Overconfidence Index” highlights threat to bond market Julien Mueller
66 Investors prefer global equity markets Julien Mueller
67 Opportunities arise in times of trouble Julien Mueller
68 The calm before the trend Julien Mueller
69 Fear feels different Julien Mueller
70 Buy in May and stay?! Julien Mueller
71 Investors insure against insurance stocks Julien Mueller
72 Loss aversion vs. persuasion Julien Mueller
73 Rising confidence in Chinese stocks Julien Mueller
74 Investors shun the banks Julien Mueller
75 Growing confidence in China Julien Mueller
76 Brent rally runs out of fuel Julien Mueller
77 Sound recovery Julien Mueller
78 The banks falter Julien Mueller
79 Investors mutiny against EZB’s monetary policy Julien Mueller
80 Excitement mounts – investors await central bank meetings Julien Mueller
81 Investors’ confidence in equity markets plunges – a “bearish” signal Julien Mueller
82 sentix Jahresausblick 2016 Manfred Hübner
83 The bulls are on the loose again – Optimism reaches alarming level Julien Mueller
84 Latest oil price slump weights heavy European energy stocks Julien Mueller
85 EUR/USD – Investor sentiment at all-time low! Julien Mueller
86 Chinese Equities– Volatility ahead! Julien Mueller
87 USD/JPY – The Bank of Japan has to deliver! Julien Mueller
88 Gold – it’s shining again! Julien Mueller
89 Equities – really without any alternative? Julien Mueller
90 Utilities – investors’ denial Julien Mueller
91 Attention: Investors lacking risk awareness on equities! Sebastian Wanke
92 Positioning risks for euro-area stocks have markedly decreased Sebastian Wanke
93 Fears for emerging-markets stocks – a glimmer of hope! Sebastian Wanke
94 Automobile sentiment again heavily hit by China sorrows Sebastian Wanke
95 Investors continue to favor the euro zone over the USA Manfred Hübner
96 Investors in the oil market view the downtrend to continue Manfred Hübner
97 Sentiment for gold at low point Sebastian Wanke
98 Commodities sentiment at record low! Sebastian Wanke
99 China effect hits automobile sector Sebastian Wanke
100 Gold does not benefit from the Greek crisis Sebastian Wanke

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